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Locally grown, handcrafted, and homemade products! Tennessee sourced! On the square in Downtown Manchester, TN

This is a great place with great people!! This will be my go to place for salsa (that doesn’t come out of my own kitchen)!!

Rob Petersen

Organic foods, including meats and tonics. Will have more as season progresses.

David P. Young

We stopped in after the holidays and really enjoyed our visit. There is a nice selection of local products.

Brian Pearcy

What We Stand For

Strength in family, community, land, health, and education is the core of what we value. Family is where community starts. Once the family is strong you have the ability to branch out and strengthen the community. We also value the care of the land that we live on and which provides us food and nourishment. If the land is cared for properly it will, in turn, provide us with nourishment, which provides good health for mind, body, and soul.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to create a commonplace for local growers, craft makers, and small businesses alike to sell products and promote services, therefore encouraging sustainability and strengthening the local economy and community morale.

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