Do you wonder why some eggs are so inexpensive and others cost considerably more? Is there really that big of a difference? The answer is yes and the difference is in nutritional value and taste.

Commercial/factory farm eggs have high amounts of omega 6, which causes inflammation in the human body. These chickens are fed GMO corn and soy in their feed that is often laced with formaldehyde.

Pasture-raised eggs have Omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory. They have high amounts of carotenoids, which is good for eye health, prostate, heart and the immune system. Pasture-raised eggs are a rich source of choline, which is important for liver function, brain development, and maintaining a healthy metabolism. They have all the fat-soluble vitamins: vitamin A, E, D, K2 and high amounts of leucine which is good for muscle recovery. They also have twice the amount of vitamin E compared to commercial eggs. Vitamin E increases your oxygen carrying capacity. Farm eggs they have 38 percent more vitamin A than commercial eggs.

Our eggs at Harvest come from RnR Farms in Morrison, TN. These chickens are pasture-raised, free range and fed organic, non-GMO feed to maximize their health benefits. Perhaps most importantly to consumers, they taste great, with a rich, full flavor! Eric and Kylene Foster and their two daughters have 30 different breeds of chickens. They will also be providing us with seasonal produce. Support the farmer, invest in your health and eat good eggs!

Be well!