I believe in the importance of knowing the source of your food. This was the everyday way of life not long ago. Either you produced your own food or you bartered goods and services with fellow community members for products and wares.

When you support local farmers you are helping them support their families and preserve their farmland. You can rely on the integrity of the product. Small producers take the utmost pride in their products, which creates a safer food supply. Locally sourced food is generally higher quality, healthier and fresher when it spends less time and distance in transit. As a side benefit, locally produced food lowers the amount of natural resources needed to deliver these products to market. Last, but not least, supporting local farmers boosts your local economy.

We know our farmers and producers at Harvest. We want you to know them too. For example, our beef and pork comes from Weaver Farms located in Coffee County. This is a seventh generation farm. Ray and his son, Jamie Weaver, pasture raise 125 beef cattle and 200 hogs per year from the time they are calves and piglets. They also grow non-GMO corn, pumpkins and sunflowers.They also grow grapes for jellies and wine.

Ray and Jamie are supported by their wives Elaine and Ashley. The next generation is beginning to learn the trade as well. It is a family affair and a true labor of love. And you can support them by shopping at Harvest Local Foods in Manchester.